The Parsons' Farm

Hi, I’m Jess

The latest addition to the Parsons’ Farm is Jess, the Border Collie.  Jess is from a litter of seven pups from Stephen Wetmore’s farm in Strafford, Vermont.  Both her father and mother are proven sheep dogs.  The next challenge is to train Jess to be a good herding dog.   With help from Stephen, we hope that we are up to the challenge.  However, I do remember a comment that my grandfather made to me many, many years ago.  He said, “ If you are going to teach a dog something, you need to know more than the dog.”  When dealing with a Border Collie, there may be some truth to that statement!

Jess is named from one of the dogs in Footrot Flats, a comic strip that ran in New Zealand for many years.  It was drawn and written by Murray Ball.  If you are not familiar with it, check it out.  It will be worth your time.  Just Google “Footrot

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