The Parsons' Farm

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Commercial Polled Dorset Breeding Stock

The Parsons’ Farm prides itself in developing a flock of trouble free sheep that will produce prime market lambs entirely on grass.  After 30 years of selecting sheep that do not have problems lambing, we can plan on most of our sheep lambing by themselves and getting their lambs up and eating without any assistance. 

We have also selected animals that are somewhat resistant to internal parasites.  Because of this and the fact that we use management techniques that suppress internal parasites, such as co-grazing with cattle, we have not used an anthelmintic (dewormer) for several years. 

By managing our pastures to ensure that the nutritional value stays high throughout the season, we are able to produce an all natural, grass fed and grass finished lamb with a carcass weight of between 45 and 50 lbs.  If you are looking for animals that have these traits, give us a call for availability and pricing.  We sell flock sires and female breeding stock.